Spinning on that dizzy edge, I kissed her face and kissed her head

Photography Jolijn Snijders Styling Alissa van Arkel Models Silvano & Imani @ KNOWN Model Management Fashion Rena Jansen, Jasmijn Taken, Mathieu Jonker

Mind over matter

September seems to have flown by so fast and hey I guess it's moody monday again. It's the start of a brand new week and the start of my favorite month October - duh almost Halloween and more scary movies on Netflix. Hello darkness my old friend plays on repeat in my head when I look outside at those grim skies. The sun is setting earlier every day now and the days are getting shorter yet darker by the minute. 
Usually after the weekend ends I'm super psyched to start editing my photos and organizing new shoots to work on. This week starts again with an empty schedule and taking another pain killer. It's all so very frustrating that sometimes I feel like climbing the walls.

I'm now at the end of week four of recovery. Tomorrow I'm starting week 5 already, I can't believe I'm almost five weeks in and am still in so much pain after a stupid little fall. I have been sitting and laying down at home in all kind of different positions by now, unable to do much …


I've been shooting almost everything on film this year and have been experimenting a lot with different cameras and techniques. I'm still learning every day about scanning film and editing it to get great colors, and i've fallen in love with the slow process. Now that i'm recovering and can't actually work or shoot, i have more time to scan film (when my pain killers kick in ) I'm excited to get better at it and shoot and develop more film as soon as i am fully healed. I wonder if i'm ever able to carry on as i did before, running around with and working with very heavy camera's and equipment seems like something i might not be able to do for a long while. it will be a challenge and scary to switch up my work process. my aim will be to shoot less frames, and more focussed, on tripods, and with smaller camera's. let's see where this road will take me.

A thousand Dreams within me softly burn

Lately I've been thinking a lot about writing again. Years ago I used to write every week on my blog, then after becoming self employed, work started to take over my life completely and slowly started to push out everything in my life that had any real meaning, including putting words on paper, or in this case the internet. Even though the last few years things had slowed down a little I simply never took the time to sit down and write what was going on in my life. Maybe it was all too confrontational. Or maybe I just had enough with the oversharing and wanted to keep things private.

Until recently, I had an accident, and it forced me to rest and take a step back from everything. 
It happened on my long awaited summer holiday in Mallorca for crying out loud. I slipped and fell on a wet corridor ramp and hit my back and right shoulder hard against the big grey tiles. After I cried like a three year old child I went to the local doctor and he gave me some medicine and told me to com…



Anna Evermaete on 120 Film

“As the light begins to intensify,  so does my misery,  and I wonder how it is possible  to hurt so much when nothing is wrong.”