Trouble here, Trouble there, People stop just to stare

Having fun with Sid in London.

Alex Has a Gun

Here are a few shots i took of my buddy alex when i was in London last week

COSMO girl

a few of my favorite pages from a new story for cosmo girl..


When I met Alex in London

Love can be like bondage, seduce me once again

Ross at models 1 is the cutest lil boy on london town. like a regular brian jones he ran outside with a feminin flowered shirt on and some ray banz, he pulls it off innit


Le Temps de Souvenir

I have created an inspiration blog! everything that is rocking the world of jolijn, will be posted here, check it letempsdesouvenir.blogspot.com

Romain Kremer


celeste magazine

Received another publication from Mexico, Celeste Magazine !