cole mohr, paris / unseen

cole mohr / unseen, paris

when i shot Cole in Paris, we got in to a little fight the night before, i dont know what it was about actually, maybe some random loud yelling was in the mix at rue amelot, or let's just say we were trashed beyond belief and no good things happen after 2Am. Clearly we bonded before we've even met (properly). We had a good laugh when he walked in, looked at me and found out it was me he got in trouble with the night before. Cole surprised me with his Texas wit, "yeah it's so easy, you call my agent, and I bend right over." Then came the moving all over the place ADD poses, I thought "what's this, a model who's not standing still, and that without me asking", that was something that I'd never seen before.. I keep comparing every single guy to him now, ("move around more!") but then I always come up short. Fuck what everyone says, and if he's in-season or not, i keep coming back for Mohr


  1. I like that last pun. and this whole shoot is amazing. keep up the inspiring work!

  2. I love this shoot. Well done! Cole is probably my favorite model, I think he's brilliant.

  3. He's great, he seems to have a strong personality and so much energy!